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On the island instead of eating people’s brains that we try to establish our own flat or even a little further
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Monument Valley 2 – A new part of the famous puzzle, in which you will travel to travel with your mother and her child on the new surreal locations. Go through them, solving puzzles on the way, which with each level will be more difficult and more difficult. The game has excellent music and graphics.

But this progress is only relatively speaking, if the Monument Valley 2 into all the puzzle game for horizontal comparison, it will still be firmly in the puzzle of the most simple, the least depth of the echelon. Although the game is interspersed with a large number of tricky trick, but the elements that make up the puzzle are inherently traditional: buttons, sliders, transfer points, and revolving valves.

Coupled with the various puzzles involved in the number of organs are very limited, so even if there is no puzzle reasoning ability of people, as long as a little patience, you can in a very short period of time to try all the various organs after the combination of all Happening.

For the vast majority of puzzle games, too simple puzzles are easy for people to get trapped and gradually lose the challenge of desire. But I do not think the Monument Valley’s charm and value will be affected. Every game scene is a funny artwork, they seem to be perfect harmony and contrary to common sense, this contradictory feeling so that I have maintained a high degree of attention throughout the moment, without any moment felt tired. In this sense, the ornamental value of this work is far greater than its play value.

The art of this style and the former for the same strain, simple composition, bright style, soft music … … In short, is used to cultivate sentiment, purify the mind of the good. In the narrative, this work in addition to the original works and the use of some secretive words on the end of each closing, but also through the most direct performance to convey the mood and emotions.

Mother and daughter together in the debut of the level, the mother will take a mature and steady pace walking in front of the road, the daughter will stamp the brisk little broken step, closely behind her mother, move away. When the mother and daughter are separated by the organs, the mother’s head will always toward where her daughter, concerned and anxiously Look her every move. In the experience of a brief separation after repeated, the mother and daughter will come to a big hug, happy feeling overflowing words. Later, the daughter needs to leave his mother set foot on his own road, the mother farewell in the dock, step by step overlooking the distance, overlooking the direction of her daughter to leave … …

Mother and daughter gestures every detail is so real and natural. Although these seemingly are inconspicuous little details, but can convey the amount of information I am afraid not less than hundreds of thousands of words.

This for a total of 14 chapters, a little puzzle game experience players are basically able to within 1 and a half hours clearance. Considering that this work still does not contain any collection or other hidden elements, so in the game volume, content richness, and repeat the value of play, and the former has a very obvious short board. Although it does not rule out the possibility of adding new levels through DLC after this game, it is still hard to imagine that it can be expanded to a normal puzzle game by DLC.

Through the introduction of double lead method, so that the game play has become more depth. But in general, it is still a Look far more than the value of the puzzle game, is used to cultivate sentiment, clean the mind of the good.

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