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On the island instead of eating people’s brains that we try to establish our own flat or even a little further
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In “Episode 5: Terminus,” the fifth and final episode of the thrilling République saga, battle lines are drawn. As Hope and the player bring the fight for freedom directly to the Overseer, they must choose their sides carefully, or risk becoming the injustice they’re trying to stop.
● Hostile Cameras: security cameras scattered through Episode 5 will scan Hope and alert guards to her presence, ratcheting up Republique’s tension and complexity
● Branching Paths: In a first for Republique, players may choose Hope’s path through Episode 5, or let her decide her fate–each path contains hours of unique gameplay
● A New Metamorphosis: revisit dramatically transformed areas from previous episodes, craft new tools to aid Hope’s escape, meet new enemies, and forge new alliances…
Developed over five years by industry veterans (Metal Gear Solid, Halo, F.E.A.R.), RÉPUBLIQUE is a thrilling and topical stealth-action game that explores the perils of government surveillance in the Internet Age.
The basic rules of operation and explain to everyone, then talk about “République” where the real bright spot, that is to make people unable to play the core gameplay. Players help Hope escape from the building, so first and foremost a principle is not to let any caretaker find Hope, only to adhere to the premise of this first principle, to complete the follow-up task. Each detention center has a certain blind spot, which is where Hope can hid in flight. In addition to these blind spots, there are some lockers in the corridor where the caretaker can not find her.
It should be noted that “République” is a sneak game, so did not give Hope equipped with weapons of mass destruction, the only thing that can come in handy is a collection of anti-wolf spray. In the unfortunate sense of being found by guards, Hope can use the spray to temporarily remove the guard’s ability to fight, and took the opportunity to escape.

Here to talk about the game a very good setting button is the upper right eye button (equivalent to the X-ray perspective button). After clicking, all the other potential surveillance camera camera panoramic view, it is this button, given the soul of the game! Hope line to the junction of the two areas, there will inevitably be the next area of ​​the visual blind spot, then click the eye button, you can see the next area of ​​the camera to monitor, click the camera icon, view immediately converted , Players can view the distribution of caretakers in the next area. With the eye button, clearly understand the distribution of guards in the next area, you have completed the first step toward victory.-
Well, in order to successfully reach their destination, this second step is what? Mentioned above, is to use the guarded blind spot, sneak under their eyes! The player asked, but some of the guards keep moving ah, their blind area is very small, what to do? Here to tell everyone that encounter guards can move around, is the most exciting game experience! Even walking guards, their walking routes and stay time is fixed, the player as long as the estimated guarded blind spot time, you can help Hope successfully passed! For example, a caretaker turns around while walking (Hope can not be seen at this time) and for a few seconds, you just take advantage of this brief few seconds to quietly pass by the guards. At this time, I will hold my breath, even the atmosphere can not be out. After passing the guards, I discovered that my palms were sweaty

I do not know to hear I described here, do you want to experience this feeling of excitement. The game through the exquisite picture and almost perfect settings, provide our players a chance to break through the tiger’s hole alone. You seem to have come to the private, guarded private prison, walking cautiously, tense atmosphere, stimulating escape process, and you forget the existence of the real world. Only the palm of your hand sweat, remind All of you are just in the game world.

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