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Hi guys. The Escapists is a popular where the construction has reached millions of downloads in the Android platform.
On the island instead of eating people’s brains that we try to establish our own flat or even a little further
lets share game your friends and enjoy ..

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The Escapists – a unique immersion in a prison environment where you can create a variety of objects and combine them, bravely fighting for the attainment of freedom. Life in prison will force you to be alert, mindful of the strict rules that have to be broken. The guards try to prevent any escape attempts, so try not to arouse suspicion, and are on a roll, work and hide the stolen materials.

And this tournament version will include six different levels of prison map, the most difficult map was actually World War II POW military camp, the challenge I believe will be very sexy.

First of all the theme of the game is jailbreak, players want to play a prisoners enjoy over-comfortable prison life, because it is boring so I just want to jailbreak play. There are many ways to escape from prison, either by secretly digging from prison fence to escape, you can also fool guards to open the prison gate, but the preconditions are: you can keep up with the pace of life in prison.

In jail, players must follow the itinerary, gather, eat, take a bath and exercise … In short, what should you do when you have behaved irregularly and you will be stared at by prison guards? Room to go, it is equal to the game failed.

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The game uses a day and night cycle of the timing system, the player every day in addition to follow the itinerary activities, but also in his spare time to secretly implement their own jailbreak program, such as NPC to other NPC tasks to be performed to obtain gold coins, and then use NPC to go to the NPC Buy Escape or Quest Essentials.-

In addition, the game also has intimacy settings, if you and prisoners, prison guards fights, it will reduce your intimacy, the last make people see you want to play, if people are not alienated with the NPC is not willing to sell to you . Want to please them they can choose to give them some like things, if you accidentally sent the wrong intimacy will be reduced Oh.

The beginning of the touch may feel that the game in some ways are some difficult to use, such as the control is not flexible enough, do not know how to do the task, how synthetic objects, how to escape. In fact, after some exploration can slowly understand, so just playing then spend a few days (in-game time) to familiarize yourself anyway, after all, the gameplay is very rich, or is it worth to explore something.

– Adds new prison to escape from, “Paris Central Pen”.
– Various bug fixes and improvements

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