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Train Simulator PRO 2018 Hack Mod Android Apk Download

Hi guys. Train Simulator PRO 2018 is a popular where the construction has reached millions of downloads in the Android platform.
On the island instead of eating people’s brains that we try to establish our own flat or even a little further
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train simulator pro 2018 game download

Train Simulator PRO 2018 – this game will turn you into a real machinist who controls the train and monitors his performance. This simulator is unusual in that the world around you is very active, and you can easily crash into another train if you do not follow the road, just the weather, time of day and much more change here. Over time, you can change your train to another one. All cabins of trains are maximally worked out and differ from each other.

An interesting simulation of recreational games, the game players will control the various types of trains, you can train the speed, direction, lighting, speakers and other control, in the train after the train in time to complete the task of braking, interested So soon to installation it!

A train simulation game, players can rely on their imaginative imagination, to build the tracks to allow the train to travel on it, or personally get on the train experience as a train driver, control the train ride on their own tracks.

In the game, the menu key to call the magic chest, trains, rail components, terrain scenes and other items at a glance. There are not many crazy tracks in the game, plus about 20 tunnels, but you can increase the variety of tracks by going uphill and downhill, enough to make a complete and complicated track It’s Finally put the locomotive up, plus a few carriages, watching the train above the self-built tracks, full sense of accomplishment.

In addition, some players may find that their own tracks are actually nothing, the pre-defined rails was powerful, ring-shaped, floating, and some tracks even gravity can change, but unfortunately these track players and Can not make it.

The game is still more in detail the details of the heart, the train speeding past the scenery is always let people nostalgia, sand table of course, not on the bare, so the production team to provide some players can decorate the surrounding scenery, with houses, trees If the player is not satisfied with the size of these scenes, you can use the toolbox in the module editor to zoom in or out.

Through a knob on the toolbox, the player can also make himself smaller and then sit on the train to control the acceleration and deceleration of the train, then ring the siren and make a real old driver. The train broke the train.

Although I am not a simulator train game lover, but I am still more optimistic about this game.

train simulator pro 2018 apk mod

Main features:
▶ Almost 1000 square miles of terrain
▶ 15 cities to explore and choose job from
▶ 6 unique locomotives
▶ 14 detailed cars (3 passenger and 11 freight)
▶ Locomotives and cars damage system
▶ Locomotive cabs with interactive levers and gauges
▶ Dynamic weather and day/night system
▶ Other trains and traffic on roads
▶ Photo-realistic graphics
▶Advanced signaling and speed limit systems

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